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Shariati st. Pasdaran
Holding a pharma exhibition with the presence of Amertat Chemi
Amartat Chemical Pharmaceutical Company was established in 2018 with the aim of producing high purity chemicals, chromatography solvents and Karl Fischer solution by a group of experts in the pharmaceutical chemical industry.
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Chemical production
Production of high purity chemicals, chromatographic solvents and Karl Fischer solution by a group of pharmaceutical chemical industry experts
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Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
The future products of this company will include the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), pharmaceutical intermediates, organometallic materials, chemical and pharmaceutical standards, and standard solutions.
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Ameretat Chemistry
Getting to know the pharmaceutical company Ameretat Chemi

Chemical production

Production of high purity chemicals, chromatographic solvents and Karl Fischer solution by a group of pharmaceutical chemical industry experts

Selling chemicals

Selling chemicals according to the latest global standards to consumers and selling them at a competitive price compared to foreign counterparts

Research and Development

The research and development department of this company has made a continuous effort to increase the quality of chemical products and increase new products, and it is moving at the same time as the science and technology of the world.

Production based on green chemistry

The policy of this production department is based on green chemistry and compatibility with the environment, and by relying on the valuable human capital and resources in the organization, a deep understanding of the obvious and hidden needs of customers can be achieved.

Ameretat Chemistry
Production of chromatography grade solvents (HPLC)

Ameretat Chemical is proud to be the first manufacturer of liquid chromatography grade (HPLC) solvents.

Product quality control

Product quality control is the basis of this company’s policy, and product analysis is being done according to the latest standard methods by the most advanced devices in the world.


Spreading chemicals

Until today, more than 300 units, including pharmaceutical companies, research centers, laboratories, universities, etc., are consumers of this company’s products.

The stand of the Amretat Chemi pharmaceutical company at the Pharma exhibition

Negotiations and meetings
Need assessment and evaluation of the requirements of different sectors of the industry for chemicals

Transparent negotiations and discussions between technical experts and managers of the pharmaceutical company Amertat Shimi

with consumers and users of chemical substances and examining solutions to meet their needs

A leader in the production of high purity chemicals in Iran
Immortality of Chemistry at a Glance

Organic metal materials

Manufacturer of chromatography grade solvents (HPLC)

Chemical production

Production of high purity chemicals

Chromatographic solvents
Distribution and distribution of chemicals
شرکت دارویی امرتات شیمی

Karl Fischer solution

Production of products according to the latest global standards

Effective medicinal substances

Selling products at competitive prices

Ameretat Chemistry

Chemical sales center in Tehran

The statistical results of the Emertat Chemical booth at the Pharma Chemicals Exhibition

Meetings and negotiations
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